Natural Tips on How to Increase Sexual Life

The most popular way known to increase sexual life among men is Viagra. The need arises when people experience sexual dysfunction which is more common than what you may think. So, you need not worry as you are not alone. This could happen to people for a number of reasons including chronic illness, anxiety issues and stress. It can affect men of all age groups. But if you don’t want to take Viagra, there are many alternative ways to enhance your sexual life.

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Read the following to learn natural ways to increase your sexual life.

Improve your lifestyle

Your health is directly related to your sexual health. Your cardiovascular health in particular is very relevant to your sex life. You achieve an erection when blood flows to the penis, so the quality of the erection depends upon the hearts ability to pump blood. If you lead a static lifestyle which involves more sitting and less moving, you will have to change that. Walk where you can rather than taking the car, get a gym membership or start working out at home. Exercise will be beneficial on a holistic level. Getting your body moving will help with your blood circulation and burn your extra fat. Obese people have complained to experience unsatisfactory sex or sexual dysfunction. To increase you sexual life you will have to transform yourself into a healthier and fitter you. You will have to try and stay in shape.
It does not matter what kind of exercises you do; running, swimming, aerobics, yoga or etc. the point is to change your lifestyle to an active one.

Eat right

A healthy diet means a healthier you. It is the most potent factor for your health. To get in shape and enjoy a better sex life you will have to ditch all that junk that you put into your body. This means all the junk and fast foods; all the high-calorie diets that cause obesity will have to go. After all, you are what you eat. Change your diet to one which has fewer calories is rich and proteins and cooked in natural fats like coconut oil. Also, certain foods like onions and garlic help with blood circulation that can help with your erections and sexual life. Other natural spices like chilies and peppers can reduce inflammation and hypertension to increase blood circulation. Consuming Vitamin-B1 and Omega 3 acids will also increase blood flow.

Get More Quality Sleep

If you are sleep deprived or not getting enough sleep, it’s time to change that. Even if you think you are getting enough in your sleep routine, sleep for thirty minutes more. That is because the better the quality of sleep the better you sexual life will be. Many couples choose sleep over sex at night because they feel too tired for intimacy. If you are well rested you are more likely to have sex. Research has shown that sleep affects our hormones in a big way. After getting more quality sleep, the hormones related to your sex life will increase. This hormone is called testosterone. Sleep deprivation can lead to significant decline in sperm count and libido. Also, lack of sleep can make a person cranky and thus more chances of getting into an argument with your partner than love making sessions at night. With better sleep you will feel refreshed and can spend quality time with your life partner.


Meditation has been proven to reduce the stress in your life. Stress is one of the major killers of libido and can greatly diminish you sexual life. Basically sexuality is linked between sex and a clear mind. It can be difficult to feel aroused or enjoy sex if you are not fully present in the moment and your mind is busy with other thoughts. This is where meditation can be highly useful.  Meditation calms the mind, makes us go deeper into our bodies and makes us present. This connects your mind to your genitals resulting in better erections. Meditation can prove to be the key into profound sexual experiences.

Along with these natural ways to increase your sex life, if you suffer from any medical conditions like Bent-Penis syndrome or micro Penis syndrome, SizeGenetics will prove extremely beneficial to you. With numerous medical endorsements and extensive studies and research, Size Genetics is clinically proven to extend the size of your organ safely and permanently.

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