9 Ways to Improve Male Sexual Life

If there’s one thing that affects a man’s mood and personal life the most it is his sexual performance. Admit it, it is quite an embarrassing situation to not last long enough in the bedroom. This can not only lead to a decline in you sexual activity but dampen your mood to a great extent. Let’s not even talk about the humiliation such a situation brings on.

We all know the real reason behind any man’s skyrocketing ego and classy confidence definitely has something to do with how well he performs in bed. The solution? These perfect 9 tips to not just improve male sexual life but redeem your self-esteem as well. In addition, you would not need to take any expensive male enhancement pills.

  1. Don’t underestimate the power of foreplay

Some believe that foreplay is as important as sex itself! Foreplay is the sexual activity before sex which arouses desire and leads to build up. This is as easy as it can get. Simply kiss her the right way to make her toes curl, nibble on her ears, explore her body with your hands, hit the right and sensitive spots, and whisper those dirty words into her ear to turn her on. This will make the experience more interesting for you both and less painful for her.

  1. Ensure perfect chronic condition

It is largely believed that a lack of large erection can be linked to poor heart activity. If you have a chronic disease you might find it hard to have a proper erection. It is also a well-known fact that blood pressure and erection are closely related. Therefore, get your heart checked for any possible diseases or disorders that might be hindering great sexual performance.

  1. Exercise regularly

The more you exercise, the greater stamina you will gain which is highly important for strong sexual performance. You don’t necessarily need to hit the gym for this, simple 30 minutes of exercise which breaks a sweat will do.

  1. Don’t rush it – set time aside

This is perhaps the greatest mistake one can make: rushing through sex. It is an activity meant to be enjoyed thoroughly and rushing will only make the experience as cringe-worthy as it can possibly be. Experts believe that it is very important to set time aside for sex and leave all other works at that time – household chores, office work, friends, and social activity – everything. Stress of work can also hinder your sexual performance and create barriers in your sexual life so it is important to decide a time with your partner and dedicate it to just each other.

  1. Masturbate relaxingly

This is just like practicing for sex. To get better at any activity or task one must practice it a handful times at least to get a hang of it properly. This holds true for sex as well. Try masturbating regularly. No need to rush it. Take it slow and make sure you enjoy it. It should not feel like a learning process. Just a simple activity to help you relax which will ultimately come in very handy with a partner.

  1. Take care of your diet

Eating the right food can affect your ability to get and maintain an erection. Certain foods like banana, chilies and Vitamin B1 can help in greater blood flow to the penis and therefore, a stronger and quicker erection.

  1. Avoid stress as much as you can

Stress and anxiety, no matter what sort, can disrupt your sexual life just like it can disturb your normal life. It is essential to be carefree and tension-free while you are in the bedroom. Stress can not only cause problems in a large erection but it can also make it difficult to last too during sex. Hence, all the worries can be solved before or afterwards. This is one time which you must give yourself and your partner properly, otherwise the main purpose of this would not be achieved – to give and receive pleasure.

  1. Make sex enjoyable for your partner too

It is common knowledge that the more interactive and joyful sexual intercourse is, the longer you would want to last and enjoy it. For this to be possible, it is essential that you please your partner fully. Know what position suits you both the best, which pleasure spot to hit to give her the greatest pleasure and the right pace to make it delightful and painless for her. The more she will enjoy and respond to you, the easier it will be for you to lose yourself in the activity and last longer.

  1. Stay away from the wrong habits

Smoking and taking certain drugs can lead to poorer sexual performance by inhibiting blood flow to the penis region or by making you last for a very short time. Some stimulants can even narrow the blood vessels, science says. Thus, to make sure you enjoy your lovemaking sessions to the fullest, try giving up these bad habits if you have them.

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