Become a Lady Killer in 6 secret ways!

Getting the attention of your lady-love is a mammoth task. Vanity and looks aside, the first thing one notice about someone is the appearance, physique and how one carries himself. All of these give a hint about your personality. The fact that you look after yourself physically does not reflect vanity, rather it reflects your   organized personality. You owe it to yourself, no matter what! best testosterone booster

The physically fit you are, the more you gain confidence and not to mention the fact that a suit looks good on a ripped and fit physique, just take a look at Daniel Craig in a suit! Remember, age doesn’t matter. So here we share with you a few secret ways to win your lady’s heart!

Get Moving

This goes without saying! In order to get fit, the first thing to do is to know your BMI and then work towards that goal. The first step is to get active! If you have been a sedentary person, then you really need to move around and burn as many calories as you can. Incorporate activity in your daily life. Instead of using an elevator, climb the stairs and instead of using taxis, try to walk to your office, if it isn’t that far! These little changes will bring about a difference, not only physically but mentally as well.

You’ll find that you are more attuned to your surroundings, once you incorporate an activity in your life. You don’t need a gym membership to get active. Taking a brisk walk or going for a run around the corner will give you the boost you need! Remember, cardio is the best way to burn fat. The greater the fat you burn, the closer you will be to your healthy BMI.

Strength Training is a Must!

Strength training is one of the best ways to compliment your cardio workouts. Strength training helps in building muscles and gives you a ripped and toned physique. If you are strength training for the first time, go easy on yourself. Start with lighter weights and then move on to heavier weights. Remember, a correct posture and body stance is needed to perform these exercises, otherwise you might injure yourself. Always ask for help if you think you are not doing the move correctly. Aim to strength train at least 2-3 days in a week and give your body a rest day in between. With consistency, you will eventually see a difference in your physique. Testogen gives your workouts a much-needed boost, without any side-effects.

A Good Posture is What You Need!

A good posture says a lot about you. Slumped shoulders and a slouched posture give a very poor impression. For a good and upright posture, you’ll need to add Pilates to your exercise regime. Pilate’s exercises work on your core and they may not seem very daunting, but they surely work on your muscles from inside out. They elongate your muscles and tighten them to give your body a long, lean look.  They also make your body flexible and believe it or not, these exercises actually relax you!

Your Diet is Important

Now that you have been working out on a regular basis, it is time to pay some attention to your diet. Remember, what you put in your plate and mouth will show up on your body. Do not undermine your hard work by bingeing on junk food. Clear out any junk food from your house and keep healthy food items within reach, at all times. A protein-rich diet is what you need. Go easy on carbohydrates and have healthy fats in moderation. If you feel like snacking, opt for fresh fruits, nuts and even protein bars. However, moderation is the key! Don’t go overboard with healthy food, as well. Give yourself one cheat day in a week to prevent any over-eating episodes. Build muscles and strength with Testogen, an all-natural and safe testosterone supplement!

Sleep Well

By sleep well, we mean that you get your recommended sleep of 7-8 hour in one go. Instead of sleeping late and waking up early and then taking cat-naps throughout the day, it is better to have a restful sleep in one go. This will ensure that you stay active throughout the day. If you don’t get enough sleep, chances are that you will skip out on your workout, owing to lethargy and sluggishness!

Stay Hydrated

Keep yourself hydrated throughout the day. The importance of hydration can not be undermined. It keeps you fresh and active, maintains lubrication in joints and provides nutrients to the developing muscles. So make sure you drink lots of water, especially when you are working out!

Win Your Lady’s Heart with a Ripped Physique and Maintain a Healthy and Balanced Lifestyle!

4 Meal Plans for Diets

Obesity is a major problem today’s world. Most of the countries in the world are facing this epidemic. The major cause of this is our sedentary lifestyles whilst having the diet of a dynamic and active lifestyle. The smarrt thing to do is to ditch your unhealthy diets for one that is effective in losing weight and ensures sufficient nutrition.

Also, to be honest, many things you may believe about losing weight are completely wrong. It is not about working out fanatically or going on hunger strikes, torturing you. That is the masochistic way of losing weight. The primary factor for losing weight efficiently and maintaining is your diet.

Along with effective diet plans you can use Phen24. It is a tropical fruit, also called Malabar tamarind and is a very popular weight-loss supplement that can augment your efforts. It is believed to block the ability of your body to produce fat suppresses your hunger. Phen24 can also help keep cholesterol levels and blood sugar in check. You can find this supplement in bottles on the shelves of stores as well as mixed with other ingredients in dietary products.

Below are 4 Meal Plans for Diets that can shape your body the way you want.

  1. Embrace a low-carb diet that involves real food

If you want to lose the excess weight you will have to give up sugar and starch, like bread. This idea is ancient. For over 150 years unlimited numbers of weight loss diets have been based on consuming lesser carbs. But today, modern science has proven that it really is the most potent way to lose weight. Other diets are not as effective because they ignore the ‘hunger’ factor of a person. Sugar and starch having an increasing effect on your hunger and avoiding them brings your appetite to an adequate level.

Do not be fooled by the innovative marketing of “low carb” products. Point to remember is that an effective low-carb diet should be made of real food. Real food is what mankind has been eating since its beginning:  fish, meat, eggs, vegetables, nuts etc. All those special products advertized as “low-carb” products are actually full of carbs. The creative marketers will trick you into thinking that you can eat ice cream, bread, pasta and plenty of cookies on a low-carb diet, so that you buy their brands. You must be wary of this.

  1. Mediterranean Diet

This is based on traditional foods of people in countries like Greece and Italy back in the year 1960. Studies tell us that these people were exceptionally healthy in comparison to Americans today and risk of many killer diseases in them was low. The Mediterranean diet can help with weight loss and help prevent strokes, heart attacks, type- 2diabetes and even premature death.

The basics of this diet plan include foods like vegetables, fruits, seeds, whole grains, breads, spices, fish and extra virgin oil. To follow this diet eat eggs, poultry, cheese and yogurt in moderation. Red meat should be eaten very rarely. You will also need to avoid sugar and other highly processed foods.

  1. The Glutten Free Diet

Gluten are proteins that are present in grains like wheat, rye and spelt. The two main gluten proteins are called glutenin and gliadin and it is the later part that causes the harm. The name is derived from its glue-like property and it is what makes a wet dough elastic. Over the past year people have become aware of its negative effects and are actively trying to ditch it from their foods.

Several foods always contain gluten but should be avoided on a gluten-free diet. All forms of wheat, Spelt, Rye, Barley, Einkorn and other foods usually contain gluten, and should be avoided unless specifically labeled “gluten-free,” or are strictly made ingredients that are gluten-free like Bread, Pasta, Cereals, Beer, Cakes, and Sauces etc.Keep in mind that gluten can be found in all sorts of processed foods. Your best bet is to eat whole, single ingredient foods as much as possible.

  1. The Paleo Diet Meal Plan

This diet mimics the diets of our hunter-gatherer ancestors. They were genetically same as us and thrived eating foods like unprocessed, whole foods. They were free of obesity, diabetes and heart diseases. Research has shown that such a diet can help substantially lose weight (without counting calories) and make major aspects of our health better.

Base your diet on these real foods that constitute the paleo diet.

Meats: Beef, sheep, chicken, turkey, pork and others.

Fish and Seafood: Salmon, trout, haddock, shrimp, shellfish, etc

Eggs: pastured or omega-3 advanced eggs.

Vegetables and Fruits: Broccoli, onions, carrots,oranges, apple, tomatoes etc.

Tubers: Potatoes, sweet potatoes, yams, turnips, and so on.

Nuts and Seeds.

Healthy Fats and Oils: Especially coconut oil.

Salt and Spices: Sea salt, himalayan salt, garlic, turmeric, rosemary, and so on.

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